Dialogue / job interview

Short dialogue between an employer (Mark) and a future employee (Jill)

M: Welcome, please take a seat.

J: Thank you.

M: What is your full name?

J: My first name is Jill and my surname is Jakobson.

M: Are you from England?

J: No, I am from Scotland, but my husband is from London.

M: How old are you Jill?

J: I am 32 years old.

M: Do you have experience in marketing?

J: Yes, I have a 5 years’ experience.

M: This is very helpful. Do you have any questions for me?

J: Yes, I do. How many people work here and how old is the company? And please describe me the free position.

M: We now have 27 people and we need more because of the work. This company is 8 years old. The work you have to do is very easy, my colleague will tell you more details. Thank you Jill.

J: Thank you for the opportunity.


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