Vocabulary – work conversation

Here are a few terms people use at work


Good morning/evening/afternoon.
Hello, how are you?
I am well/ok/not bad/tired.


Can I help you?
Yes, thank you/no, that is ok.


Take care.
See you soon/later/tomorrow/at 4.

Here is a conversation between two work colleagues, Jack and Mike.

J: Good morning Mike, how are you today?
M: Good morning, I am a little tired. And you, how are you today?
J: Very well, thank you. Do you know about the general meeting?
M: No, is it today?
J: Yes, it is at 8.
M: Oh no, I don’t have time to prepare my project.
J: I can help you.
M: Thank you, that is wonderful. Let’s go, we have one hour.
J: Don’t worry. What is the project about?
M: It is a new marketing idea, I have it on paper. Can you write it on the computer?
J: Yes, one moment.

After 45 minutes

J: The presentation is ready, do you have the papers and charts?
M: Yes, I have everything. Thank you for the help.
J: No problem. See you later.
M: Bye, see you soon.


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