Daily routine

To talk about your daily routine we need a special tense, an easy tense. This post is about present simple and how we use it to talk about our routine.

To begin, study this short text:

My name is John and I work at a water factory. I work every day from Monday to Friday. I get up at 7 o’clock and I have a shower. I eat toast with fruits and I drive to work. My boss comes to work at 8 and we talk about proble‭ms and solutions. I finish work at 5 and I go back home. I have dinner and I watch TV. At 11 I go to bed.

We see that the verbs are easy and the form is almost identical.

Form in affirmative

I work

You work

He/She/It works

We work

You work

They work

❗️ we see that for He/She/It we have an extra S. We always use S.

⛔️ Rules for S

1. simple S

In 90% of cases we have a simple s.

Eg. Drink – He drinks

Talk – She talks

Walk – It walks

2. we put ES for verbs that end in H,O,X,Z

Eg. Attach – It attaches

Do – He does

Xerox – She xeroxes

Buzz – It buzzes

3. Y transforms in IES if we have consonant and y

Eg. Cry – She cries

Fly – It flies

⛔️ vowel and Y – simple s

Eg. Play – He plays

⛔️ to be and to have are irregular ▶️ he is and she has


1. Fill in the blanks with the affirmative form:

  • Mary …… a lot of water. (drink)
  • We ‭…… at the weekend. (dance)
  • She …… to eat more vegetables. (try)
  • I …… my boss every morning. (see)
  • Mary and John …… to work together. (go)
  • You …… English really fast. (speak)
  • John …… at every joke. (laugh)
  • They …… to New York every year. (fly)
  • It …… every day this week. (rain)
  • We …… reports for work. (make)

2. Write about your daily routine.

Next lesson: negatives and questions plus more exercises.


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