Vocabulary for routine

When you want to talk about your daily routine, you need many verbs and of course adverbs of frequency. They show us how many times we do specific activities.
Eg: I always drink coffee in the morning. – it means that every morning I drink coffee.
These adverbs of frequency are:

As you can see the adverb normally stays after the subject, but ⛔️ after the verb to be.

1. Rewrite the sentences using the adverb of frequency.

He goes to the mountains – often
They listen to rock music – rarely watches TV – sometimes
She is late for work – always
The company opens at weekend – never
I wake up at 7 – usually
My husband goes running – seldom
I am angry with someone – never
We have lunch at 3 – often
Mary and Jack drive to work – rarely

2. Form sentences in the correct present simple tense using adverbs of frequency.
Our teacher, Mrs Smith,(never / be) late for classes.
I(often / tidy) my room at the weekend.
My sister (hardly ever / help) me.
We (sometimes / be) bored when we stay home.
We(rarely /play) football.
You and Mark (never / watch) movies on the computer.
You(usually / be) good at sports.
The school bus(always / leave) at 3.

3. Now tell us what do you in a normal day using at least 5 different adverbs of frequency.


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