Reading – My weekend

I really love weekends because I have time to play and relax with my family. My family isn’t very big, it’s me, my husband and my two children. We live in Oakland and we love our city.

At the weekend my family normally wakes up late. I always get up early because I prepare breakfast and clean a little. At 10 my family is up and we eat together. I usually cook an omelette but sometimes we eat pancakes with syrup.

After breakfast we always go out for a walk. Near our home there is a small forest and we love walking through the forest. Our walk is not long, one hour or two if the weather is really good. We sometimes ride our bikes and it’s great fun.

For lunch we go to the local restaurant. My son always has a burger and my daughter pasta, they never eat salads and they hardly ever listen to me when I tell them to order something healthy. We often stay there a few hours and talk about our week, work and their school.

After we eat, we normally go bowling or do other activities, sometimes we play tennis but we never go inside the house. Only for dinner, at 6 we go back and eat. I always cook dinner, potatoes with fish or chicken.After dinner we make popcorn and watch a movie. The children always go to bed at 10 and we go at around 12.

1. Are the sentences true or false?

  • The family is very big.
  • They all wake up early at the weekend.
  • The mother always prepares breakfast.
  • The father cleans.
  • They always go for a walk after breakfast.
  • The forest is big.
  • They have lunch at a restaurant.
  • After lunch they go home.
  • They never watch TV in the evening.
  • The children go to bed early.

2. Write a few sentences about your weekend routine using the verbs: get up, cook, go, eat, watch, play and go to bed.



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