Pronouns – 2 forms

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I decided to dedicate a new post to pronouns, not all the form, but only two of them.

First of all, we have the SUBJECT PRONOUNS – these pronouns usually sit at the beginning of a sentence, substituting the noun (Mary, John, the dog and so on)

These are:


I – I am an English teacher.

You – You study English.

He – He plays the guitar (⛔️ Always a man)

She – She plays the piano (⛔️ Always a woman)

It – It is cold today (⛔️ Nonhuman )


We – We study English together ( I and you = we)

You – You are English students ( You and Jack = for more people)

They – They are at work. (Mary and Jack)

❗️ You (singular) = You ( plural)

In simple sentences we can not tell the difference between You are home ( you…

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