How to ask questions

This article is dedicated to asking questions in the present simple form ( used for routine, habits or general actions)

{Acest articol este dedicat întrebărilor la prezent simplu ( folosit pentru rutină, obiceiuri sau acțiuni generale)}

We have the following rule:

{Avem următoarea regulă:}

Do/Does + subject + verb in bare infinitive

Eg. Do you like eggs? – Îți plac ouăle?

Does he travel a lot? – Călătorește el mult?


Do I work?

Do you work?

Does he work?

Does she work?

Does it work?

Do we work?

Do you work?

Do they work?

‼️We see that in order to make a question we need an auxiliary verb, the verb do. This verb goes in front of the question and for third form singular (he, she,it) receives an s.

{Vedem că pentru a construi o întrebare avem nevoie de un verb auxiliar, verbul do ( a face – a nu se traduce în limba română, în acest caz doar ne ajută să formăm o întrebare). Acest verb merge în fața propoziției interogative și la persoana a treia singular primește un s.}

⛔️ we have one exception, the irregular verb to be. (Am I? Are you? Is he? Is she? Is it? Are we? Are you? Are they?) – here also the verb goes in front of the question.

{Avem o excepție, verbul neregulat to be – a fi. (Sunt eu? Esti tu? Este el? Este ea? Este obiectul? Suntem noi? Sunteti voi? Sunt ei?) – aici de asemenea verbul merge la începutul propoziției interogative.}

1. Fill in the blanks with the correct form.

  • ……you …… a healthy breakfast? (eat)
  • …… John…… to work? (drive)
  • ……we…… a lot of water? (drink)
  • …… the company…… money to pay the invoices? (have)
  • …… Mark and Sarah…… at Contex? (work)
  • …… they…… a lot of money? (earn)
  • …… you…… every morning with the boss? (speak)
  • …… Mary …… TV every night? (watch)

2. Which sentence is correct?


  1. She don’t drive home.
  2. She doesn’t no drive home.
  3. She doesn’t drive home.
  4. She isn’t drive home.


  1. Does Mark write the report?
  2. Do Mark write the report?
  3. Is Mark write the report?
  4. Write Mark the report?


  1. Is you at the office?
  2. You at the office are?
  3. Do you are at the office?
  4. Are you at the office?


  1. Mary clean the house every week.
  2. Mary cleans not the house every week.
  3. Mary cleans the house every week.
  4. Mary cleanes the house every week.


  1. Do they speak English?
  2. Does they speak English?
  3. They speak English?
  4. Speak they do English?


  1. You doesn’t leave the building until 4.
  2. You not leave the building until 4.
  3. You leave not the building until 4
  4. You don’t leave the building until 4.


  1. I am never late for work.
  2. I never am late for work.
  3. I never late for work.
  4. I am late for work never.

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