Making a dinner reservation

Here you will find a conversation between a waiter and a client who wishes to dine.

W: Good evening, you called Scaros restaurant. How can I help you?

C: Good evening. I called to make a dinner reservation for Saturday at 8, outside on the terrace.

W: I am really sorry but we are completely booked at 8, we have a large group for an event. Would you like to come at 6?

C: 6 isn’t ok for me because I want to have a birthday party.

W: I understand. We have free tables inside, would that be ok?

C: Yes, thank you.

W: How many people would you need the reservation for?

C: 8 people.

W: Ok, would you like us to make you an anniversary cake?

C: No thank you, I will bring the cake myself.

W: Very well. I need a name please.

C: Yes, it’s McRulf, Chris McRulf.

W: And a phone number.

C: 0746752334

W: Thank you very much, have a wonderful day.

C: Thank you, bye.

1. Answer these questions with true or false.

  • The man wants a breakfast reservation.
  • We wants to eat on the terrace.
  • There are free tables on the terrace.
  • The reservation is for 9 people.
  • The man brings the cake himself.


Reservation ↔️ Booking

These nouns are used interchangeably with a slight difference. A reservation is the arrangement for a seat, room to be kept for you while a booking is the arrangement for a particular time in the future.

Aceste substantive se folosesc alternativ cu o ușoară diferență. O rezervare este aranjamentul pentru un loc sau cameră pentru a vă fi păstrată în timp ce booking este aranjamentul pentru un anumit moment din viitor.


Waiter: Do you have a reservation?

Client: Yes, I booked a table under the name of McRulf.

— or

I want to book a room for next Friday.

Would + verb in infinitive

This is a polite way for asking something or offering something. – formă politicoasă de a cere sau de a oferi ceva.


Waiter: Would you like a drink?

Client: I would like a Coke.

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