Ordering food and drinks at a restaurant

Here you have a dialogue between two customers Jake and Mary and a waiter.

W: Good evening, how can I help you?

J: We have a reservation at 8 o’clock.

W: Can you please give me your full name?

J: Yes. Jakob Mallore.

W: Yes, you have a dinner reservation for two. Please come this way.

W: Here are the menus. Would you like something to drink?

J: Yes, I would like whiskey with ice.

M: I would like a glass of red wine, dry.

W: Excellent choice. (Alegere excelentă)

W: Red wine for the lady and whiskey for the gentleman. What would you like to order?

M: We would like to order appetizers, polenta squares with gorgonzola and pine nuts. And for the main course, salmon with a side of grilled vegetables.

Polenta squares

J: And for me, I would like ribs with baked potatoes. And another glass of whiskey.

W: Would you like desserts?

M: Yes, I would like a chocolate soufflé.

J: Ice cream for me, vanilla and cherry.

W: I am sorry but we don’t have cherry, would you like wild berries instead?

J: Yes, it’s ok.

J: We would like the bill, please.(Am dori nota de plată)

W: Of course. Here you are.

J: Thank you, keep the change.(Păstrează restul)


1. Choose the correct word.

  • I would like to pay the bill/food.
  • I always eat eggs and toast in the morning/evening.
  • I would like a glass/cup of coffee.
  • I would like to order dessert/desert.
  • We are ready to order the main/principal course.
  • She always eats chicken with mashed potatoes for breakfast/dinner.

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