Elementary test A1 level

A. Choose the correct option.

1. Where you are from?

Where are you from?

Where from are you?

2. I doesn’t like coffee.

I not like coffee.

I don’t like coffee.

3. Are you German?

Yes, you are.

Yes, I is.

Yes, I am.

4. He lives in Paris.

He live in Paris.

He lives on Paris.

5. I never have spoken to him.

I has never spoken to him.

I have never spoken to him.

6. He goes to work in bus.

He goes to work by bus.

He goes to work with bus.

7. Mark has a very small office.

Mark a very small office has.

Mark has an office very small.

8. Do you work here?

Yes, we don’t.

Yes, they do.

Yes, we do.

9. I am write the invoice now.

I writing the invoice now.

I am writing the invoice now.

10. Look at that car over here.

Look at that car over there.

Look at that car under here.

11. What do you have lunch?

Where lunch you?

When do you have lunch?

12. She musts come early to work.

She must come early to work.

She must comes early to work.

13. Where is the train station?

When is the train station?

What is the train station?

14. Give the report me!

Give me the report!

Me the report give!

B. Put the negatives

Eg: I like tea, but I don’t like coffee.

1. I come early, but ……………( go late)

2. You speak English, but ……… (speak German)

3. John assists the manager, but …………( assist the CEO)

4. They meet on Mondays, but ………( meet on Wednesday)

C. Add the correct verb:

ask, listen, live, work, read, speak, look, write

….………… a book

….………… a letter

….………… to a song

….………… at a picture

….………… a question

….………… English

….………… in town

….………… in a bank

D. Fill in with the correct preposition.

at, in,by, next to, on,

Mary lives …… Bucharest, …… Lily street. She has a large apartment and …… to it there is a small library. She goes to the library every day and she sits …… the table in the corner, …… the window.

E. Reading comprehension

Mr. Benson is a journalist from Seattle. He is married to Jennifer and they have three children. They have two boys, Peter and Don, and a daughter, Alice.Mr. Benson is 47 years old. He has short black hair and he has a beard. Jennifer has large glasses and she has long blonde hair.Peter is 15. He has short black hair, like his father. He is tall. His brother, Don, has fair hair and is not very tall. He is 13 years old.Their sister, Alice, is 17. She has beautiful long black hair. She has a new car – she is very happy.The Benson family have a Labrador dog, Benji. They have a small apartment in Seattle.

1. What is Mr. Benson’s job?

2. Do they have a cat?

3. Does Alice have a car?

4. What color is Peter’s hair?

5. How old are the sons?

6. Does Jennifer have glasses?

7. How many children do they have?

8. What’s the name of the daughter?

9. Is Jennifer’s hair black?

10. Where do they live?

F. Speaking

Talk for 4 minutes about your last year using past simple.

G. Writing

Write about a problem you faced and what solution did you find?

Test answers

A. 2,3,3,1,3,2,1,3,3,2,3,2,1,2

B. …… but I don’t go late.

…… but you don’t speak German.

…… but he doesn’t assist the CEO.

…… but they don’t meet on Wednesday.

C. read a book

write a letter

listen to a song

look at a picture

ask a question

speak English

live in town

work in a bank

D. in,on,next,at,by

E. 1. Mr. Benson is a journalist

2. No, they have a dog.

3. Yes, she does.

4. Peter has black hair.

5. Peter is 15 and Don is 13.

6. Yes, she does.

7. They have 3 children.

8. Her name is Alice.

9. No, she has blonde hair.

10. They live in Seattle.

F and G (example): My last year was really interesting because I changed my job. It was a good decision because now I work from 8 to 4 and I have more time for my family. I started a new hobby and I love it. I travelled to Greece and saw many places and I learned a lot about their culture. I even ate Greek food, I loved it.

I love my work but there are many problems for me to solve*. For example, three weeks ago a man called that he ordered a box of pasta and he hasn’t received it yet. I looked for the order but it was not in the system, I asked for the order’s confirmation number, but he did not have it. After all, he forgot to place the order. But I solved it by sending him a box that day.

*solve- a rezolva, merge pentru probleme, you solve a problem every day.

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