Holiday vocabulary

Here are a few simple exercises with the necessary vocabulary for the summer holiday.

1. Put the words in the correct section:

plane/expensive/mountain/peaceful/walking/beach/family/skiing/cruise/sunbathing/taking photos/exciting/water sports/alone/bicycle/eating in restaurants/sightseeing/climbing/shopping/swimming/train/cheap/ship

Types of holiday: city ……

Holiday activities: surfing ……

Holiday adjectives: noisy ……

Means of transport: car ……

2. Match these words to their meaning


1. The activity or action of travelling ……

2. A long journey, usually by sea or in space ……

3. A visit round a place of interest, often with a guide……

4. A journey to a place for a short time (for pleasure or for business)……

5. A journey to a place of interest often officially organised for a group……

3. Read the definitions and choose the correct word.

1. You can lie on the beach and do this.
b. diving
c. sunbathing

2. It’s a sporty type of holiday.
b. activity
c. city

3. It means the opposite of ‘expensive’
a. cheap
b. boring
c. fun

4. It’s not a winter activity.
a. skating
b. skiing
c. surfing

5. It means ‘relaxing’
a. noisy
b. peaceful
c. exciting

6. Which of these is the fastest means of transport?
a. bike
b. train
c. ship

4. Listen to the recording and

a. Choose the correct option.

b. Correct the wrong information.

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