Where do you work?

The question “Where do you work?” means “What do you do?” or “What do you do for a living?” You can answer with “I work…” or you can say “I’m a/an… (your job title).”

I’m a teacher.

I’m an engineer.

But we have many possible answers, for example:

▪ I work at…

▪ I work in…

▪ I work for…

▪ I work with…


Eg. “I work at Starbucks ” or “I work for Starbucks .” You can also use “for” if you work directly for a famous person: “I work for Brad Pitt. I’m his personal assistant .”


a place:

  • I work in a factory.
  • I work in an office.
  • I work in a school.

a city/country:

  • I work in London.
  • I work in Romania.

a department:

  • I work in sales.
  • I work in human resources.
  • I work in the accounting department.

a general area/industry:

I work in finance.

I work in consulting.

I work in medical research.


  • I work with numbers.
  • I’m a teacher. I work with children.

⁉️ To give more details about your work, continue with “I’m responsible for…” or “I’m in charge of…” or “My job involves…”

  • I’m responsible for updating the company website. – (sunt responsabil pentru întreținerea site-ului companiei)
  • I’m in charge of billing. – ( ma ocup de facturare)
  • My job involves preparing reports. – (implica pregătirea rapoartelor)

🚫use the -ING form of the verb.

How do you answer this question if you don’t have a job? You can say:

  • I’m retired. – (pensionar)
  • I’m unemployed. – (neangajat)
  • I’m between jobs at the moment. – (intre locuri de munca)
  • I’m a student.
  • I’m a stay-at-home mom/dad.

If you work for yourself, you can say “I’m self-employed.” If you have your own company, you can say, “I own a small business,” or more specifically, “I own a restaurant” or “I own a graphic design company.”


Do you like your job?

  • My job is interesting / exciting.
  • I find my work very satisfying.
  • The work is quite challenging/hard.
  • My job is tough / tiring / demanding.
  • The work is rather dull / boring / repetitive.


If you are an employee of the company, the company becomes your employer. The other employees are your colleagues or coworkers. The person above you who is responsible for your work is your boss or supervisor.

You can work:

  • full-time (usually about 40 hours per week)
  • part-time (usually 15-25 hours per week).

In some jobs, you work shifts (ture) – meaning the hours aren’t the same every day;

On Monday and Friday I work the night shift.

Other expressions:

I go to/ start work at 8:30, and I get off/finish work at 5.”

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